What Our Customers Are BUZZIN'!

"Best honey around! Local and family owned company, awesome packaging and the quality is amazing! Organic GMO free! Will never buy any other honey again! highly recommend everyone to check them out!"

- Andres Marquez Acosta- 

"Such and amazing place. Friendly staff who is very informative, LOVE coming here :)"

- Austin Furse -

"Thank you so much for the best honey around."

- Z Phillips -

"This is the best honey ever! it starts hard but remains creamy to the bottom of the jar .... it is 100% western Canadian honey at its best and taste just like when I was a child and I am now in my 60's. This is the only honey for us"

- Joy Samanski -

"Amazing people and an amazing product! Thank you Chelsea!"

- Michael Simpson -

"Western Sage Honey has amazing products and the customer service that I have experienced has been excellent. I do not use any other honey products now, this is the best honey that I have come across!!"

- Tanya Wehrens -

"Delicious honey, great customer service!"

- Jordan Rousseau -

"Only place for honey and anything related"

- Tom Brajak -

"Truly the best honey!"

- David Procknow -

"LOVE their Glacier Honey and people are complaining how hard it is but it softens up after awhile. I love love this particular honey. It is soooooo good!"

- Ren Gregory -

"Great quality local honey!"

- Natalia Morin -

"Their cinnamon honey is a staple for me. Love it in my coffee in the morning. Yes, it's hard but that is because it's unpasteurized. The is the healthiest way to have your honey."

- Cora Price -

"We have two kids absolutely hooked on this honey."

- David -

"Thanks for the great tasting honey and the information on your website on different honey products under FAQ's!  I had purchased the Glacier Creamed Honey from my local grocery store to try something different and I really enjoy the sweet natural taste, truly.  I've used your honey on toast and in my tea, and yes I am guilty of eating a spoon full."

- Amanda -